About Us


 Falcon For Solar Sun is the leading designer and manufacturer in solar thermal products in the Gulf Cooperation Council Area (GCC).

Founded in 2016 by the two brothers Waleed & Mohamed Alshamsi with a specific focus on solar thermal solutions, Falcon For Solar Sun was the first established solar water heater manufacturer in GCC, located in the United Arab Emirates.
With a focus on continual improvement of products, management and service, Falcon For Solar Sun completes R&D and manufacturing in the company-owned facility.  
Our products are tailored for the Middle East environment and we manufacture with a strong emphasis on simplistic design and ease of installation while aiming to minimize the environmental impact of all products and operations.
Here at Falcon For Solar Sun we are strongly committed to provide the best and most effective solutions for families and businesses, concerned about climate change and rising energy costs. Our team has an excellent reputation in the field of solar thermal industry and we are offering the best customer service.  We are very passionate about what we do, ensuring that your experience with Falcon For Solar Sun is always positive. 
We are manufacturer and we always work according to our three basic principles: 
high quality, sustainability and excellent service.