Quality Policy


FALCON FOR SOLAR SUN aims to be a world-class manufacturer of high quality solar energy products in the region. while ensuring the safety, health and welfare of employees, protection of the environment, and sustainability as integral to achieving business excellence.
FALCON FOR SOLAR SUN is committed to:
  • Comply with applicable legal, standards and other requirements to which it subscribesMeet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction
  • Identify and manage risks to environment, health and safety, human rights, social and economic aspects and recognize the interaction between them
  • Prevent injury or illness to people, damage to environment and properties
  • Minimize the impact of its activities, products and services through effective emission treatment and control, energy and resource conservation, and responsible sourcing in the supply chain
  • Promote best practices for incident prevention, pollution prevention, sustainability, ethical business and corporate governance
  • Provide appropriate resources and ensure employees have the necessary knowledge, skills and competencies
  • Engage stakeholders and understand their requirements, risks and opportunities
  • Contribute to social and economic development of its community
  • Establish, monitor, and review its objectives, and continually improve its management system to enhance performance
  • Communicate this policy within the organization and make it available to interested parties
FALCON FOR SOLAR SUN shall periodically review this policy to ensure it supports the company’s strategic direction and that it remains relevant and appropriate to the purpose and context of the company, including the nature, scale and impacts of its activities, products and services.
 Waleed Alshamsi
Co-founding Partner